Supplementary files

On this page you will find freely accessible supplementary files.

The file below supplement Sampling larvae, exuviae or adults of Odonata for ecological studies: a test of methods in permanent rivers in the Iberian Peninsula by da Silva-Méndez et al. from Odonatologica 51(1/2) 2022: 63-81 (June 2022).

– Suppl. file 1: Table S1 to S3.

The files below supplement The evolutionary history of colour polymorphism in Ischnura damselflies (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) by Sánchez-Guillén et al. from Odonatologica 49:3-4 (Dec 2020).

– Suppl. file 1: Methodological details, tables and figures
– Suppl. file 2: Chain length
– Suppl. file 3: Aligned sequences

Ischnura pruinescens