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Notulae_wingSubscribers of Odonatologica should have or will very shortly receive the latest issue(s). As soon as they are all away we will make them available for download on this site. If you are a subscriber and want to download any of the volumes from the last five years, please contact Magnus and he will give you a code to apply.

We still have the ambition to publish all previous volumes on the website, where the ones older than five years will be available for anyone to download. It takes some more time however before that will be accomplished, so thanks for your patience.

The latest issue is out

logoIf you subscribe to Odonatologica you should have received or are about to receive the latest issue: 43(3/4) together with Notulae 8(4).

This issue of Odonatologica is dedicated to the memory of Gerhard Jurzitza (1929–2014; see page 137), Daniel Grand (1943–2013; see page 247) and Anatoly Yuri Haritonov (1949–2013) on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Also congratulations to Angelo Barbosa Monteiro Machado, Brazil, on his 80th birthday on 22nd May 2014.

We will shortly arrange for subscribers to be able to download all issues directly from this site. If you do not subscribe you will be able to download all the issues but the latest five years’.